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"All the Way K & N. Brilliant Product, works wonders for my Pulsar 200.
My recommendations to my friends have you guys selling more numbers. My Kitty (Pulsar 200) transformed into a cougar after the implant. It's Plug and Play Guys. Enjoy the metamorphosis."

Pune, Maharashtra India
Shaunak Marathe

I bought a conical filter for my Honda CBF-150 (Unicorn) . The result is just exemplary, the midrange torque's got a real boost and the fuel efficiency has picked up by 9 Kilometers per Liter. That's more than what I paid for. So far I have recommended the filter to 8 of my friends and all of them are very much satisfied with the performance of their vehicle fitted with K & N filters.

Cochin, Kerala, India
Abdul Muneem

"I came to know about K&N thru media. Being a owner of a multi brand comprehensive automobile workshop, I requested for a demo piece, which they accepted by rushing it within a day. I first used in a Tata Indica and found an instant change in the performance and power in it. Having been satisfied with the product, I ordered it for my Ford Escort 1998 model and the result was same.

Having been fully satisfied, I approched K&N national distributor Methods at Bangalore to appoint me as their dealer.

Now, I am not only selling it suceesfully to my customers, but also started sending to far away places like Jaipur (Rajasthan, India).

I strongly and confidently recommend for all car and motorcycle users to buy and extend the life of your engine."

Hyderabad, India
Vikrantt Mohan

I have installed K&N air filter on my 1.3 GETZ it had an immediate impact on the engine...

Looking forward to even trying out K&N oil filter with Petronas Sytium oil... heard it's a good combination...


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Daniyal Patel

I have a Maruti Suzuki Swift and a Honda Activa. I have installed K&N filters on both the vehicles. I have found out that there is a drastic change in pickup. Pickup has increased and I thank K&N for this.

Bangalore, India

Man o Man u guys must be personally thanked and rewarded, me and my family currently use more then 10 K&N air filters, the difference is huge, the performance and throttle response is crisp and punchy without sacrificing mileage instead it has increased by say 12% to 18%. Once I install a K&N product I forget about it as I know it will take utmost care of my machine . Till now I have purchased K&N R-1060, RU-3750, R-1100, RC-1060, K&N Oil Filter and the list just goes on man. Thaaaaaanx a lot guys and the most significant thing is afterall being imported to our country with all duties and all still the purchase price is reasonable thaaanx again ...

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Shehzad.S. Ansari

"Hey K&N I want to thank you for the wonderful air filter. I installed this in a Fiat Palio 1.6 and I can surely see the increase in performance and mileage. You guys should advertise your products in India as not many people know about it.


New Delhi, India
Ankush Agnihotri

"Hi my name is Valencio Miranda. I am a Roller Skating Instructor having my own coaching class as well as I coach in a few reputed schools in Mumbai India.

Ever since I can remember, I have been crazy about your product, but it really took some time before I could actually buy one for myself and now I have a biggest smile on my face. This smile has my family and fiancée wondering what's on my mind. Now they will know... Its your filter. I had bought a second hand Ford Ikon 1.6 GLX 2001 model which had done about 38000 km and the first owner never actually took care of it.

After restoring it to some glory, I saved enough to buy my dream filter. Earlier I used to get only 8 kmpl and it was getting to be a burden. Then I spoke to your dealer Mr Razza in Mumbai who explained to me and helped in advising me according to my needs to put your stock filter. And now after calculating many times I could not believe that I was now actually getting 9.5 kmpl in the same condition or even worse Mumbai traffic. I felt it my duty to thank all your engineers and may God bless all of you for this ""LIFE GIVING PRODUCT"". I have even called Mr Razza and thanked him for his genuine advice. Thank you once again. I will be surely telling everyone about your products and since I am a roller skating coach if ever you have something I could use such as some speed oil let me know. Thanks once again for making me have my big smile.


Mumbai, India
Valencio Miranda

"K & N --- Satisfaction guaranteed!!

I recently installed a K & N filter in my Suzuki Swift. And that is what you call instant satisfaction! The moment I installed it, the drive was much crisper, and no doubt, it surely feels like the engine has added at least about 5 bhp. I can""t help but recommend this to any driver. I'm waiting to add more accessories. I always heard that K&N was a top world player, but know I know, K&N is the best! Truly a great product, as promised.

Thanks & Regards,"

Bangalore, India
Kishen Thyagaraj

Dear K&N,
Guys you are the best in the world. I purchased a new bike recently and put around 1500 kms on it before I decided to put the RC-1060 air filter on it. The difference in power, pick-up and performance is outstanding. I own a Kinetic Italiano Blaze 165cc bike. The bike sounds great and feels great to ride. K&N rocks, its gives customers like myself the performance, pick-up and the power that factory air filters cannot without compromising on the vehicle warranty. In fact the dealers told me to go ahead with the installation of the air filter as long as it's a K&N air filter. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work, that's why K&N is the worlds best air filter.


"I installed a K&N filter in my Gtez 1.3 L ...My daughter now calls the car ""Zoomy Car"" ....On the performance front pickup has improved big time and so has the mileage..

I would recommend to all car lovers

Warm regards,"

Bangalore, India
Charu Anand

"Hi K&N
I installed your cold air intake system (Apollo) on my 03' Hyundai Santro which is 1.1 ltr engine. It really made a difference in horsepower and now you can really hear the supercharger spin of my car. K&N transformed the silent car into a deep, loud rumble, sounds great… It is worth the price!!! Thank You K&N


Bangalore, INDIA

"K&N on Fiat 132 1600

Hi, I recently installed a K&N Custom Filter on my Fiat 132 1600.  This car is 27 years old and has done close to 100,000 Km.  The performance of the car improved tremendously and the old girl now touches 160 Kmph without any problem.  The manifold sound is simply awesome and send those Japanese sedans flouting a huge exhaust into a trance."

Chandigarh, India
Jaskirat Singh Nagra

I would like to thank K&N for providing me with such a brilliant air filter.  I never knew that just an air filter could bring about such a drastic change in performance.  But thanks to K&N I am experiencing it today and my bike is more peppier and powerful than before.  It is a 150cc bike (150cc Bajaj Pulsar DTSI) but is able to tail a 250cc bike...."

Bangalore, India

"Thanks For Excellent product

     I'm extremely happy to see my car breathing in such a good manner after installing your replacement filter for my 1995 Suzuki Esteem 1.3 ltr.....its fitted with LPG gas kit & the moment I installed replacement filter......I noticed improvement in pick up.....improvement in low end torque.......now its so fun to drive car in heavy neck to neck traffic of city like Mumbai, India........mileage not yet checked....but definitely.....car running with more acceleration power & torque.....most noticeable change is when I shift to petrol mode......in this case acceleration has been improved to much great extent.....also car engine just roars so rhythmatically....it never sounded so good.....thanks for such excellent product......will share after checking mileage......"

Mumbai, India

I have replaced my regular paper filter with a K&N factory replacement filter in my 1.2L Palio NV Sport 2004.
The results are worth the effort. Some of the differences I see are:

1. Lesser engine vibration specially when trying to lift from lighter gear (2 or 3) on flyovers.
2. Car engine doesn't show any sign of AC getting started.
3. Acceleration is extremely smoother than before.
4. Pickup is marginally better.
5. Ignition is more crisp than before.
6. Can't comment on mileage since I had only two gas-fills after the replacement.


New Delhi, INDIA
Sarvesh Gupta

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