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A K&N air filter is designed to add horsepower & acceleration while protecting your engine. K&N replacement air filter products are available for most cars, trucks, motorcycles and more. The K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty® means this K&N replacement air filter will be the last one you will need to buy for your vehicle. Made with a washable cotton media, K&N air filters can be cleaned and reused over and over again.

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K&N High Performance Air Intake Kits

A K&N performance air intake system improves horsepower, torque and acceleration. All K&N air intakes come with a reusable high-flow air filter that can go up to 100,000 miles between services, depending on your driving conditions. Adding power to your vehicle is easy because K&N air intake kits simply bolt on using common hand tools and come with a million mile limited warranty. Check out K&N's air intake installation videos which make the process even easier.

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"Now I am using K&N in my honda city i-vtech (2011) and its amazing and its my second time. Before it, I use K&N in my swift vdi(2010) for 3years and the result was none other can do that I feel the power of it and that I was the king with K&N. I'll drive swift 185/kmh speed. and driven my swift 132000km and driven city 29000km. I'm a fan of K&N."

Gandhinagar, India
Umang Patel

"Awesome experience with k&n filter for Tvs Apache 180. Performance increased."

Faizan Abbas

I am using your K&N filters since 3 years and its just awesome. I'm a huge fan of K&N. I'm using it in my Honda Dio, now planning to fix it to My VW Vento also. Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

Mumbai, India
Prathamesh Nair

"A very good product. Bought it for duke200. Can feel increase in horsepower. Slight improvement in mileage. Sounds almost remain the same. Will satisfy performance lovers."

Bangalore, India
Varun Bv

"Superb performance."

Ghatkoper, Mumbai, India
Deepen Senghani

"Awesome product, the sound track changed completely & roll on has improved and the engine is even smoother. I have added an exhaust system and it now overall sounds like a ford mustang. BHP has improved to 11 bhp just with the K&N."

Hyderabad, India

"I am happy with the product, had increased power by 5bhp, the sound has become even better, more towards a racing bike sound."

Hyderabad, India

"Awesome product."

Ashik K.A

"It is an awesome air filter, the difference in power was quite noticeable and even the mileage improved by 3.5kmpl. Worth the buy. I wish K&N made an induction kit for the Chevy Beat 1.0DSL."

Pranav Chhabria

"Excellent. I doubt that whether am driving my car itself or any other one."

Kottayam Kerala India
Muhammed Siraj

"I recently fitted a K&N HA-2511 filter on my Honda CBR 250R. It took less than 5 minutes to change the filter from the stock filter to the K&N HA 2511. I am extremely happy with the performance of my bike from the very moment I fitted it! There was a definite change in the sound of the bike (much more refined and peppy) and the torque went up instantly. The bike seems to breathe better and run better too, with better pick up, more response and seems to have improved my fuel economy marginally too. All in all a great boost to my bike and to my riding satisfaction."

Bangalore, India
Suraj H

"It is the best product I've ever tried."

Akshay Sapkal

"I got a K&N air filter for my 2012 Honda CB Unicorn. Installation was quick and easy. The bike became instantly peppy and the pick up was smooth and quick. Later I installed a free flow expansion kit and the results are astounding. I can easily take over other motorbikes of higher CC's and make them look dumb. Thanks K&N engineering. Kudos."

Pune, India
Murtaza Kachwala

"Really wowwwww. I used K&N in my UNICORN 150. It makes me a good rider and powerful. Guys itis a variety of style. I enjoyed getting 62 km mileage also."

Kottayam, India

"I just changed my stock air filter to a K&N AIR-FILTER 1 day back on my HERO KARIZMA ZMR. The result: the acceleration was incredible (when I twist the throttle the speedometer number increases so damn faster then it used to be with the stock one). Gotta a powerful punch (grunt ). Now she's breathing easy."

Chinnamanur, Tamilnadu, India
Shivadurgarajasekar S.

"It is really doing an awesome job in my Honda Unicorn!!! I have got a full satisfaction!"

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

"Again a wow experience! I just bought a new KTM RC and the K&N made the bike fly like anything. I would recommend this one to all of my mates."

Ameer Ismail Raother

"Great product. Actually made a difference after installing it in my car. It made its tone a little more beefier. Very happy and would recommend this company's products."


"I bought the vehicle royal Enfield-Classic 500 Desert Strom. Lucky enough to buy the bike and one among the first 5 bikes in KARNATAKA state. Rode the vehicle for 500km (initial run) on the stock filter to know how the bike performs and then switched to K&N air filter and the game changed all the way. The bike started to run smooth and I could rev the bike in each and every gear. Now my bike is something different from other bikes and I'm loving the way it's performing now. Thank you K&N!"

Kolar, Karnataka, India
Gokul Budigere

"I have Honda CBR 150R. I installed this air filter after doing more than 20,000 Kms with stock air filter. I felt the rapid throttle response and more power starting from mid rpms. The milage remained the same. Really liked the vroom sound."

Kerala, India
Subin Surendran

"I've noticed a great improvement in overall performance of my Yamaha FZ."


"THIS one is really awesome and it made my  bike sound like thunder. It even increased my bike's performance and mileage. One who owns a bike up to 150 cc must own this air filter (R-1060) or the RC-1060"

Hyderabad, India

I am using your Apollo intake in my Aveo for the past month. It has the option of choosing short ram & cold air. In cold air intake mode my car shoots like a rocket like I am ruling the road & in short ram my Aveo sounds like a Nascar.
Thank u k&n"

Madurai, India
Umar Sherif

"Totally worth it! Too good. Thank you K&N."

Nik Hil

"Wow... I just fit the K&N to my FZ16 and its performance increased... no words..."

Calicut, India
Sahal Zain


Pune, India
Cyril Dias

"I installed this filter on my Honda dio 110...I'm getting mileage of 56 km b4 I was getting 45 kms and the sound is awesome.....just open the throttle. ..it willl pull like turbo charged car."

Ullapool Ramu

I have been using this K&N 33-2960 in my Hyundai i20 2010 model since year 2010. I got the stock filter replaced with K&N in just 2 months time, and till now I am using the same K&N. It has always given me good pickup in low RPM and no issues like engine stalling.

Now it's more than 50k kilometers my car engine has clocked.. and still the air filter is going good."

Pune Maharashtra, India
Sumedh Jadhav

"This is my second purchase from K&N. First air filter I brought was for my Pulsar 220. This time was for my i10. So firstly it comes with million mile warranty so its basically a one time investment. Secondly, after installing it you can notice a massive change in acceleration of your vehicle. It definitely increases your horsepower and top speed as well. Now lets talk about fuel efficiency. I have already noticed a bit more efficiency after installing it.

Now if you have already installed an air filter for your bike and and want same kind of aggersive sound then its not really going change your engine sound to that extent. But my suggestion to everyone is just install it and feel the power. Its a value for money product."

Kolkata, India
Sayan Ray

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